Fun Photo Locations

This is much more than just finding a pretty place to take a picture - We have always found that the best photo location is someplace that is meaningful to you, personally! The memories of that place will be preserved and the photos will carry a meaning that words cannot expain. If you are drawing a blank on the perfect setting for your portraits, no worries! We have a gazillion ideas of great locations around the Inland Northwest:


Green grass, wandering paths, grandiose trees, flowering shrubs... What's not to love about your very own neighborhood park? Many parks in the Spokane/CDA area have great greenery or interesting basalt formations that make good backdrops. Our Picks: Plantes Ferry Park (Spokane Valley), Falls Park (Post Falls), Liberty Lake County Park


Old brick, beautiful architecture and city lights can make for some fun and modern photos in Downtown Spokane or Downtown Coeur d'Alene. Even some of the historical districts of surrounding small towns have some great things to offer!



Vineyards, orchards, wheatfields, old barns, even pumpkin patches offer a refreshing contrast to city life. These places change so quickly from season to season so you can always expect something different! Seeking permission from private land and business owners is often necessary prior to using their land for photographs. Our Picks: Anywhere in Greenbluff, Rathdrum Prairie, Spokane River, The Saltese School (Spokane Valley)



You spend most of your life in your home: adorning it with beautiful pillows and window coverings, planting a garden, sipping hot coffee, baking cookies and reading bedtime stories... What better place is there to have your family photos taken?! It is often an ideal location to photograph when working with small children and/or animals - the comfort of home is always helpful in the co-operation department!


Surrounding woodland areas or the Washington scablands make for some extraordinary photo settings. These places go beyond the standard "sit here and look pretty for the camera" and lend themselves well to some extra creativity. Any special access passes or parking permits needed  to use these lands will need to be researched and obtained prior to the shoot. Our Picks: Dishman Hills, Mount Spokane, Palisades Park, Riverside State Park