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A New Year, A New Camera!

January 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have been doing photography for four years now. I started out just exploring the realm of photography with a nifty Canon Rebel XS. To be completely honest, I wanted to just take pictures of my knitting and other craft projects. I never imagined that I would ever be seeking out hard to get to landscapes, taking portraits and even gaining the trust of brides to capture their wedding day! After a few months of sharing photos of daily life, a couple of people expressed interest in my talent and gave me opportunities to do my first portraits. I was so nervous at first, but learning to trust my eye with practice sessions with friends and family gave me confidence. The next year, after a handful of portrait sessions and two weddings, I decided it was time to upgrade to my first full frame camera, a Canon 5D. While not the latest technology, it was a good, solid "workhorse" camera that served me well during my portfolio building years. Recently, I sent it in for cleaning, and while servicing the camera, Canon found that there was something wrong with the Digital PCB Assembly. With that news, my husband and I looked at some of the newer models of Canon DSLRs available and decided that a Canon 6D would be the perfect investment for my photography endeavors! I just got my new camera last weekend and I'm eager to get some great shots with it. I did get to test out the low light capabilities with it using my spastic little dog as a test subject - love the detail on her nose!


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